hello, here’s a little bit about ethan won

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and I’ve basically lived here my whole life! I have always had a curious mind and am constantly pushing my creative limits. I studied marketing at CU Boulder and have focused my professional career in social media marketing as I loved content creation and the endless possibilities of social media.

I unfortunately was a part of the massive layoffs in 2023 and used this as a sign to develop skills as a UX designer. I grew up with a love for design and unfortunately fell away from it during COVID. I believe that my past passion and skills in marketing and social media design would help play a strong role in my development in UX.

There are so many apps and websites that I find where there are many pain points and frustrations. I want to help improve people’s lives and eliminate those pain points. I believe that through research and interviews, I can really understand the users as I love listening and empathizing with people.

I want to help create engaging and useful solutions to create improvements in people’s lives. I believe understanding the user is the most important step!

ethan won